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untitled BtVS AU 0/?

Title: ??untitled so far
Author: citizen_Ephiny
Pairings: none
Warnings: some mild language

This is an AU, beginning in season 2, just after the events of 'Innocence'.


“I wish you could have known your mother.”

 I wish.

 Those two words, words JJ had been told over and over again never to use, set off a chain of events she could never have imagined. She couldn’t blame her father, not really. He was weak and confused, and his memory was not what it had once been. He only wanted her to be happy. That was all he’d ever wanted, and she knew without a doubt he would not have made such a wish out loud if he were thinking clearly.

At first, she was only frightened by his sudden disappearance – she’d promised not to leave him, and now not only was she not in his hospital room, but nowhere near the hospital as far as she could tell. In fact, a quick survey of her surroundings revealed that she was in a graveyard. At night. Alone, and unarmed.


Tags: btvs, jj

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